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PMDUnity Application - Team Selene
Date Joined: May 6th 2016
Current Funds: 0 St
Merits: 0
Strikes: 0
Species: Kirlia
Nature: Gentle
-Characteristic: Often lost in thought
Gender: Female             Age: 18
Ability: Synchronize
Strength: 2                   Agility: 2
Intelligence: 3 + 1         Charisma: 3 + 1
Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: Psychic -> Intelligence (1)
                 Fairy -> Charisma (1)
Move 1 - Psychic - Hits the target with a strong telekinetic force.
Move 2 - Teleport - Teleports to an area already visited.
Move 3 - Magical Leaf - Scatters curious leaves that chase the target. The attack cannot miss.
Move 4 - Heal Pulse - Emits a healing pulse which heals the target.
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PKMD-Dream World
•NAME: Bella
•GENDER: Female
•NATURE: Jolly
•ABILITY: Chlorophyll
•MOVESET: Sunny Day, Mega Drain.
•AGE: 17
•HEIGHT: 5'7 ft
•APPEARANCE: She has short orange hair with 2 red flowers on each side of her head, above the ears. She has vivid green eyes with a bit of turquoise. She has light colored skin with a really light green tint over the hands and feet. She wears a fading, top to bottom, green to light green shirt. She also wears a long green and yellow petal skirt, the green petals are above the yellow petals just like a Bellossom's 'skirt'. Other than that, she is pretty much an average looking 17 year old teenager.
•PERSONALITY: She is very lively and tends to cheer up the mood. People are usually more happy around her. She is also very caring, she helps a lot of people and tend to help others before herself. She also very forgiving, always saying sorry when she
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First color drawing by umerol First color drawing :iconumerol:umerol 0 1


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Bath Time (Souda x Male!Reader)
(I honestly prefer Key Lime Pie rather than Lemon Meringue- it's a lime ;v; )
"Soudaaa!" The (h/c) whined, leaning over the mechanic's whole body as he messed with a car's engine. "Mn?" He hummed, not taking his eyes off of the engine. "Let's do something together!" Souda furrowed his pink eyebrows together and glanced up at his boyfriend. "Like?" (Y/n) hummed slightly and placed a finger to his lips. "How about we take a bath together?" The pinkette(lol) blushed slightly and turned back to what he was working on, trying to focus on the car rather than (Y/n) pulling at the back of his jumpsuit.
"But you need a bath anyway!" The smaller of the two complained, grabbing at the shark-boy's sleeve, pulling him up and dragging him into their shared home, struggling to keep him moving despite his thrashing. "H-H-H-Hey! We can't take a bath together!" (Y/n) paused and turned his head back to him, raising his (h/c) brows slightly. "Why?" Souda placed his open hand over his face, trying to hide
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(Welp here goes nothing)

Appearance: Jen is a tall slender woman. She has oval-like shaped face with green and blue eyes. Her left eye is green while her right eye is blue. She has long wavy white hair that hides her ears and it reaches her shoulders. It also covers her forehead to the eyebrows though not completely covered. Her skin is pale colored near white. Her face is a bit more whiter than the rest of her body. She has a normal sized nose and a normal sized mouth. Her ears make a perfect 45 degree with the back of her head. She has an opal necklace by tiny silver beads and hung around her neck with a silver chain. She has white feathery wings that protrude her back. When folded, the top reach her head while the tips are between the waist and the hips. While extended, they can reach a total of 1,76 m long. She looks feminine and her limbs are fairly skinny while the area around her waist is skinny. She has a flat belly and C-cup breast size. She wears a buttoned black and white stripped shirt that the sleeves arrive at her wrists. On her left wrist, she has a white leather bracelet. She wears a grey skirt that reaches her knees. She wears black heels and the heels are 2,5 cm high.

Name: Jen Seche (Pronounced See-ch)

Nickname/Alias: Jesse

Species: Angel

Deceased type: Dying in replacement of....

Gender: Cis-female

Sex: Female

Age: 25

Re-Birthday: June 23rd

Magic: Light magic


+Extrovert: She likes to hang out with people. She hates boredom more than anything else. She will get out of her way to talk to people, a lot.
+Caring: She cares a lot about her friends and she helps them when they are sad. She finds ways to cheer them up but they don't always work because of her personalities.
+Cheerful: She is almost always smiling. She is rarely sad and she tends to cheer up the mood.

-Short tempered: She can easily get mad if you 'press the wrong buttons'. She can go from very happy to really mad in a split second though she tends to hide it. She lets the anger out on her pillow -w-
-Inattentive: Though she cares about her friends a lot, she doesn't seem to realized in what situation they're in. She sometimes just bust into someone problem when they don't want help.
-Annoying: She is not the evil kind (Prankster). Though she won't stop bugging people when she doesn't get the answers she wants.

+/- Talkative: She talks a lot. She can keep conversations going though the subject of the conversation will change, a lot. It tends to annoy people when she talks too much.


Jen was born along side her twin brother. Mark. Their parents were very caring to them, they would often go miss work when Jen or Mark were sick. While Jen grew up being an active and outgoing girl, Mark grew up being calm and secluded boy.

Though their parents are really caring, they would oblige them to train martial arts at the age of 6. Jen, of course, accepted the quota to train herself, Mark, on the other hand, reluctantly trained with her sister. At school, Jen had many friends and socialized a lot with others, even though she was kinda annoying. Mark had friends but he had a lot less than Jen and less social than her, but his grades in class were better than hers because while she was training, he studied and read a lot. Not saying Jen didn't read, she just read less than her brother. She does excel at sports because of how active she is.

Near their graduation of secondary school, as a present, their parents invited them to go to a antique-weapon shop. It belonged to their uncle and they had to choose which weapon they like the most. Jen liked the sword but she took 2 bladed fans while his brother liked the same thing but took the spear since they wanted to try out these weapons.

On their way home that day, there was an accident. Some crazy guy, not paying attention to the red light, charged fast with his car towards their car. The accident ended up injuring severely their parents, they died at the hospital 2 days later. At their deathbed, they gave to their son and daughter; a opal necklace and a white ornamented bracelet for Jen, an amethyst necklace and a black ornamented bracelet for Mark. They were in despair when their parents died. Though their uncle, the weapon shop owner, took care of them.

As they grew up, they became fairly distant to one each other. Jen, now 25, hangs out with a lot friends and she usually invite them to go on a trip around the world. Mark, 25 as well, doesn't want to go with her on her trip, he has a wife and a baby to take care of.


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